Twitter Has Become Predictable And Boring

Dec 16, 2012

Your political and religious views are boring to me. Sadly, that’s mostly what Twitter is now. When I check in to Twitter to see what some of the people I admire are up to, I get a bunch of gun control, aetheist, and generally negative crap.

Rarely do I find someone posting about what they are working on, or what they have learned lately. Those positive things are the gems of Twitter. It’s getting really old. 

Surprise, no one cares what you think about religion, politics, or any other boring topic. 

Maybe it’s just the people I follow, but I doubt it. I get the feeling that Twitter is full of people not just voicing their opinions, which is fine with me, but carrying on when others don’t agree. 

Is there a better platform that is positive? There has to be something that I can check into a few times a day and see something that is actually interesting.