The Startup Community And Pyramid Schemes

Mar 1, 2015

It’s no secret that I have an issue with Startups. Not the idea of startups, but the community around startups. The whole thing is based on getting a hit. Building something you don’t care about to get rich. In it’s essence, the majority of the startup scene is equal to a giant get rich quick scheme. And if you’re a developer, it’s more like a pyramid scheme and you are at the bottom doing the work and getting the least reward. Unless of course, it’s a hit. Then you get climb up the pyramid and be a cherished success story.

Business, at it’s core is not that hard.

Here it is, in it’s simplest form.

Find a market

Discover what that market wants/needs

Build what that market wants/needs

Sell the product

You don’t need some stupid vocabulary. You don’t need follow some stupid community that is run by billionaires that want to capitalize on your skills. All you need is a problem to solve that is worth paying for and the skills to solve it.