Social Media is bad for my Mental Health

Sep 10, 2020

I didn’t think Social Media effected me like it did younger people. I’ve read stories of young people being attached to likes and comments. I thought that didn’t effect me. I didn’t care about likes and comments.

I was wrong.

I started noticing a pattern. I would know that something is going to be posted on some social media channels, and I knew there was a chance I could be part of that. I would obsessively check social media apps over and over. And when I wasn’t mentioned, it effected me in a negative way.

On the flip side of that. If I was mentioned, it effect me in a positive way.

Essentially, I was, am, being controlled by social media apps. I think a large part of this, and maybe why younger people fall victim, is loneliness and boredom. The pandemic has amplified this also. Teenagers are in a constant state of loneliness and boredom. But now we all are in that state.

Breaking that habit is hard. Super hard. And no surprise, Facebook is the worst. (This includes Instagram).

I’ve started by removing Facebook from my phone. This removes the temptation to check the feed over and over, and leaves me with only checking when I’m on my regular computer. Surprisingly, the addiction is so strong, that I still fall victim to opening the browser on my phone and looking anyway. But it has limited access. So a win, I guess.

This really is a big problem. And I don’t know how to fix it.

The easy answer is to blog more. But that’s too general. And it will lead right back to bad habits and poor mental health. The replacement needs to be more specific. Still thinking…

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