Show Your Code To Someone

Aug 20, 2011

I’ve heard it said before. Show someone your code. Sure, its a great idea, but there is always a self asteem element there. What if they laugh at my code? Maybe my code sucks? Get over it. You will pick up more in 5 minutes of another developer looking at your code and asking why you coded things the way that you did, then you will from any blog post, book, or video.

Two minds are always greater than one. I don’t mind someone questioning my methods. Its enlightening to hear how they would have done something, or how they currently do it. Show someone your code and I guarantee you will either pick up a new, possibly easier way to perform a task, or discover a tool that already does what your trying to do.

This is the same reason I’m so intrigued by pair programming and hopefully someday I will get to pair with someone much smarter than me. The next time you are ready to push your changes or launch a feature, show your code to someone. You will be surprised.