Semi Launching And Motivation

Mar 21, 2013

So I semi launched a thing yesterday. It’s a landing page for a soon to be released product I am working on called Velocity. It’s a really cool tool for educators of all kinds to concentrate on creating an awesome learning environment in the simplest way possible. There’s a blog post on my company website describing how it works.

The thing that caught me off guard was the burst of motivation I received watching people visit the site, sign up, and share links. Gauges is the perfect tool to watch traffic. Highly recommended.

As I sat there and watched the traffic, the feeling of fear starting to go away, and was replaced with this rush of adrenaline. I was already stoked about the app and the possibilities it has, but that rush made me want to work that much harder to get the whole thing out there.

Whatever you are working on, release it now. Don’t wait, just release it and iterate. I deployed about 7 times yesterday as I noticed things I missed; a link here, better copy there, and so on. You won’t catch everything before you deploy so you might as well deploy now and get to work.