Saving The Web

Jul 17, 2015

I just read a superb article on Medium. That’s quite ironic after you read the piece.

In it, Hossein Derakhshan talks about the web we lost. Which seems to pop up every couple of months. I have to admit I’m intrigued every time I see one of these. They all make great points. We did lose something when we all got social.

Hossein is right. I used to start my day in an RSS reader checking up on what was happening. I now start on Twitter or Facebook. I’m kinda ashamed about that. I do love the open web and wonder if we are on the cusp of some sort of, err I don’t know, revolution. One where those that are capable give those that are incapable the ability to host stuff on the internet free from censorship or any sort of silo.

I don’t know what this might look like. Certainly not web rings. Please. Do not start web rings again.

I imagine some sort of RSS or JSON would be involved and give people a way to share information without limitations.

Certainly something to think about if you are technical enough to run servers and build software to empower people.