Recording With a Faster Tempo

Jun 22, 2022

Whenever I write and record music, it always seems to fall into a familiar place. About 70bpm, kinda slow and somewhat melodic. To switch it up, I decided to increase the temp and see what happens.

I played on everything except the drums.

The bass guitar was fun. I hadn’t touched a bass in about three years. I really like the movement of the bass line. Not too much, but still adds some flavor.

I kinda hated the drums I created inside Logic. I did some editing, and this feels better.

There is also a little lead guitar section at the end that I left out when I bounced the track. I didn’t really like.

I learned a bit about levels. Usually I try to record, just short of clipping. In the yellow mostly. But my guitar tone is usually pretty mellow. I did the same thing this time, but I really needed to reduce the volume on the guitar tracks. Not sure why. Maybe mic placement or the new amp. This is the first recording with the Vox AC15.

Scott Radcliff · rock-110bpm-bnc.mp3