Posting To Git Hub

Jan 26, 2012

Every year I set some short and long term goals. Some goals that I think make me better professionally and personally. One of this year’s goals was to build more internal applications. Apps that I use, but I don’t release on the web, so I don’t have to deal with authentication and other issues. This allows me to play with technologies that I haven’t before.

I decided to release all of this code, regardless of how bad it is. The first project has been pushed to GitHub. I hate the title of the app and will change it soon, but in the mean time, ProgrammersNotebook is up on GitHub with a minimal readme.

The application uses mongoid and mongoid_fulltext to search and generate a list of snippets that match what is being typed. An Ajax call fetches a formatted json collection of matching records and updates on every two keypress events.

More to come…