• Using Path to Find Files in Vim

    I’m a Vim user, and I use CtrlP to find files quickly. Occasionally when I don’t know the name of the file, I’ll jump into the :edit command to find where I need to be. if I’m really unsure, I’ll use :explore to get a tree view.

    There are lots of ways to find files in Vim. Typing a few letters and hitting tab is okay, but fuzzy matching a file name is best and fastest option.

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  • So Long Whitelabel, It's Been Fun

    After three years, it’s time for the next chapter. I am no longer at Whitelabel and have started on my next adventure.

    I enjoyed my time at Whitelabel. There are some really great people there doing some really great work. I learned a lot while I was there. I learned about myself, what I enjoy, where I want to be, and I learned a lot about where I don’t want to be, and what I don’t enjoy.

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  • Fundamentals of Programming

    When I first learned programming, I was focused on one programming language. And that makes sense for all new people to programming. There is a lot to take in. In addition to programming fundamentals, there are plenty of programming language warts to get through. Each language has them, and it’s valuable to worry about just one language’s warts, rather then try to work through all the new stuff your learning.

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  • Hiring Developers

    Working in a technology company brings many challenges. Depending on where you are in the chain of command, you could deal with bad clients, tight deadlines, complexity of working remote, or maybe constant interruptions and context switching.

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  • Knocking the Rust Off

    Managing developers gets a bad rap. And with good reason. It’s an acquired taste. I don’t mind it too much, but I like teaching, and my experience with leading and managing developers has had a heavy dose of teaching.

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  • How to Estimate Software Efficiently

    Line up the most difficult things in software development and estimating will be near the top. Yea I know, cache invalidation and naming things. But even if you’re good at estimating, you would have to admit that learning how to estimate well was a long hard road of mistakes and horribly inaccurate estimates.

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  • Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Future

    We have this group called Code City where I live that has been doing a really great job of brining the tech community, and those interested in the tech community, together. They have been asking a lot of people in the region to talk about things that are important to improving the tech community in the area.

    This past Monday was my turn.

    Through a conversation where I was answering some questions about blockchain, I was asked to do a CryptoNight (kryptonite if the pun doesn’t make it through text). Where I would explain how it works and what the future holds.

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  • Load Bearer

    Building a Team

    This is going to seem a bit odd. I’m going to compare building a software development team to building a house. But not in the traditional sense of a house; foundation, walls, roof, etc. I am going to compare building a software development team to spreading weight over load-bearing walls.

    I won’t bore you with too many details. But just in case you aren’t familiar, a load bearing wall is a wall in your house that is structurally sound. Take that wall down without distributing the weight and you have real problems. The weak areas start to cave, and then, well you know…

    The counter point is that some walls are non-load bearing. You can tear them out and the rest of the house will be fine.

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  • Codecation Recap

    I thought writing down some thoughts everyday would be easier. I’m always wrong, but I still try.

    That’s not what this is about. It’s about codecation. I haven’t had any updates. So I wanted to list what I planned on doing, and what I actually did.

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  • Great People Do Great Work

    I’ve been reading Creativity Inc. It’s really just a book about how Pixar was built. Ironically, it has a management twist. I didn’t realize this when I bought it. I’m just a fan of Pixar and have been reading biography type books lately. I’m a sucker for movies based on true stories. So I figured why not read some books of the same type. But back to the point.

    In the book, Ed Catmull is talking about some of Pixar’s successes and some of their failures. He says something that has stuck with me for a few days now.

    Getting the team right is the precursor to getting the ideas right

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