Never Too Old

Sep 18, 2013

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a little sensitive about my age. Not really about getting older, but more about my profession. I see clear lines of ageism in technology and I fear that I am quickly approaching obsolescence.

I think about it a lot. I question just about everything I do, wondering if it’s the right move. Worrying that I should be concentrating on something more important so I don’t fall behind current trends. When I should really just enjoy where I am and have fun building stuff.

I was reading through Quora today and stumbled upon something that I found interesting. There was a question about what people in Silicon Valley due when they hit 35. You know, when they are over the hill.

The first answer that caught my eye was from Steven Grimm.

When I was 35 I started working at Facebook. The only hill I went over that year was when I drove to Santa Cruz to visit some college friends.

Some of the best programmers I know are over 40. The software police don’t show up at midnight on your birthday and confiscate your license to code.

I thought it was kinda funny, so I followed the question so I could see what other people had to say.

The next answer that caught my eye was from Michael Arrington.

I started TechCrunch when I was 35.

Then Craig Newmark.

Well, I started craigslist when I was 42…

And finally Paul Bragiel.

I started to train for the Olympics. :)

That’s when I knew I had to save this. I will need this the next time I think I am too old.


Then Reed Hastings.

Well, started Netflix DVD rental when I was 37…and first streaming when I was 47…so maybe not too bad after 35 except that all-nighters are definitely harder.