Learned in Elixir

Sep 9, 2019

Lately I’ve been sharpening the saw, sort of. Working on some things that I am not that good at (yet). I spend about 30 minutes a day. It’s a great way to start up and get the juices flowing or spend some time winding down in the evening.

Today I’m writing a Binary Search in Elixir and hit quite a few things I had to Google. This is a list of things I learned in Elixir today:

  • I learned that you use Kernel.round/1 to convert float to integer. round(5.0) => 5
  • I learned that you use Enum.to_list/1 to convert a range to a list. Enum.to_list 1..500 => [1,2,3...]
  • I learned there isn’t an Array type
  • I learned to access an index for Enum, you use Enum.at/3. Enum.at([1,2,3], 2) => 3 – The third parameter is default and it’s optional.
  • I learned that to get the length of a list, use Kernel.length/1. length([1,2,3]) => 3

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