It Only Takes An Hour

Feb 29, 2012

I’ve tried and left many half-finished side projects. The reasons vary, but more times than not, I attempt to dedicate more time to the project than I have available. It usually goes something like this: “I am going to work on insert project name on Tuesdays and Thursdays”. The problem is that I plan on a 4 hour block. Say from 7 - 11. That leaves zero time for my family, and after working a day job all day, that’s not really fair to them. The result is a project that sits half finished because the time requirement is just too much.

For about the past week or so, I have been setting aside one hour a day, from 7-8. That hour is for whatever side project I have at the time. I work on it for that hour, maybe I get the UI cleaned up, maybe I get a feature or two implemented. It doesn’t matter. At the end of that hour I close the lid and watch TV with the kids, help clean up the kitchen, or get some things done around the house And it has been eye opening. Focusing for an hour a day is extremely productive.

Of course this doesn’t mean anything unless I release some of these projects. I can say I’m further along with an hour at a time than I ever was before.