I'm Not Your It Guy

Jan 16, 2013

I like to relate the IT field to the medical field. Not in knowledge, but rather, in ignorance. You see, it’s common for a person to assume because a person is a doctor, they can do anything related to illness or the human body. I mean after all, they are a doctor. Think about how awful our doctors would be if they had to do everything that relates to medicine. I want my doctors specialized.

IT is the same way. Because I use a computer to build things, most people assume I can do anything with a computer. Build them, repair them, diagnose them, etc… Nothing is further from the truth. Just as a doctor has knowledge about many different areas of medicine, that does not mean he’s qualified to practice them all. And I am not qualified for everything that a computer does.

I build software. I maintain the servers the serve that software because that’s part of my job. Notice I didn’t say anything about desktop support, printers, wifi, hardware, or data recovery? Because it’s not my job. Yes, I can do most of those things, but I am no where near qualified.

Please do me and every other person that works with computers for a living a favor and educate yourself. Thank you.

Software Developer

Network Engineer

Technical Support

Hint: I am the first one.