Fitness for Programmers

Nov 6, 2018

I started getting into fitness about three years ago. And by getting into fitness, I just mean doing something. Anything. It started with running. The first time nearly killed me. Then I migrated to cardio at a gym. Then cardio at a gym with some strength training with cable-based machines. Then cardio and weight training. Then I ended up where I am now. Weight training following a plan with some cardio.

If I could bundle what I’ve learned from trial and error, and reading, into some tips, it would be this.

  1. Just start. Seems obvious. But even walking is better than doing nothing. Fear is big. But it goes away.

  2. Cardio is for health. It doesn’t do a lot for weight loss. It can, but it will require way more work. If your plan, like mine was, is to lose weight, there are more efficient methods.

  3. Follow a weight lifting plan. Strength and resistance training are proven to be the best for weight loss. As your muscles recover, they are hungry, and they use fat to regenerate. So lifting weights in the morning will burn fat and use calories all day. Where as running only burns calories while you’re running. Just randomly lifting weights seems like a good plan. It’s not. Let someone who knows what they are doing tell you what to do, and how much. There are tons of inexpensive weight lifting plans online.

  4. That reminds me. Losing belly fat is a myth. You cannot target a body area to lose fat. Your body loses fat from wherever it can. Bad news. Belly fat (for men) is visceral fat, and it’s the hardest to lose.

  5. No one at the gym cares about what you are doing. This was a big mental hurdle for me. But look around. They are all looking in the mirror. Everyone at the gym cares about themselves. Do your thing and know no one is watching what you are doing.