Doing Your Best Work

May 6, 2015

I’ve been thinking a lot about doing my best work. I ask myself questions like If I didn’t get paid, would I still do what I do everyday and What would it feel like to be immensely proud of what I’ve done

This really has nothing to do with employers, clients, or friends. Most of the time, what they hire/ask me to work on is important to them. But not necessarily the most important thing to me.

Recently, I was asked what the most important thing is to me regarding work. Without hesitation I stated that building software that changed someone’s life. Something that didn’t used to exist, but now does, serves a real purpose, and allows a person to do something that they couldn’t do before was the most important thing. You can take everything else away. Money, pool tables, cool offices, work when I want, or anything else. Once you reach a certain point, none of those perks matter. And this is what money driven people don’t get. Not everyone cares about being rich. Some people just want to leave a legacy, a body of work that meant something. You can’t buy that.

So, I thought to myself. What are some good examples of this. This is by no means a complete list, but here are some examples of people changing lives through software.


Infiniteach was founded to change the way we approach autism education. We believe that every child with autism should have unlimited access to proven strategies that can increase their independence and help foster meaningful relationships.

Prana Diabetes

Prana Diabetes helps address the growth of diabetes in India.

Totus Power

Totes Power is using portable power from electric car batteries to provide battery packs for schools in developing countries.

Charity Water

Charity water gets clean, drinkable water to countries that don’t have it.

Kno Clothing

Kno Clothing is more than threads on your back. It’s about ending homelessness. Every time you make a purchase, we donate an article of clothing to those in need and fund organizations who help restore the lives of people experiencing homelessness in local communities.


Catchafire matches those with skills to non-profits or other organizations that need help but are light on funds.

The world needs more of these.