Building API Driven React Applications

Mar 17, 2018

I recently gave a presentation at Toledo Web Professionals on API design. Something that I feel isn’t talked about enough. Since I’ve been working almost exclusively in React apps for the past several months, I concentrated on the API side of React applications. As far as an API is concerned, the front end tech doesn’t matter, but it was created around my recent experiences and starting from React made the most sense.

I briefly touched on some React syntax and architecture, but spent the majority of the time on what happens when React delegates work to the persistence layer.

Specifically on

  • API keys and authentication
  • Proper HTTP status codes
  • Reducing server calls and latency
  • Serializing JSON

There are a few items I didn’t go into enough detail about that I’d like to update for next time. I’m looking to present on this again a few times.

Some future topics

  • Dig into CORS
  • A little deeper on API keys and how to create them
  • Error handing on both the server and client

Posting the slide deck here with errors and all. There are some syntax errors in it that I’m tempted to fix. But it’s how it was presented and there is a video coming that will use the same slides.

If you were there, I’d love some feedback! If you weren’t there, but it sounds like something you would like to attend, I’ll post here if I end up presenting again.

Oh, and if you want me to present. Please reach out!