Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Future

Oct 6, 2017

We have this group called Code City where I live that has been doing a really great job of brining the tech community, and those interested in the tech community, together. They have been asking a lot of people in the region to talk about things that are important to improving the tech community in the area.

This past Monday was my turn.

Through a conversation where I was answering some questions about blockchain, I was asked to do a CryptoNight (kryptonite if the pun doesn’t make it through text). Where I would explain how it works and what the future holds.

The first part of the presentation attempts to give a really high level view of cryptocurrency and how it came about. The tricky part of this particular presentation was that I didn’t know the technical level of the audience. I really tried to go high level enough to let less technical people follow, and low level enough to not lose the technical people that already understood cryptocurrency.

I did touch on some not so popular opinions of a bitcoin bubble. And how I think that chasing dollars now is probably the wrong play. I focused more of the backend of architecture and how we can use blockchain for humans.

There aren’t any slides. It was pretty informal, and really fun.

I’d love any feedback on what you might have liked or disliked. When teaching or speaking at tech conferences, I know who the audience is. I’m really looking for what I could have done to make this presentation better.

After all that talk of bubbles and such, I really do dig blockchain. I think it can be a game changer. As long as we put people first.

Contact info:

Twitter: @scottradcliff