Auto Repair Businesses Are Clueless

Feb 18, 2015

I’m setting here in a car repair place using their completely crappy wifi. Seriously. This may be the worst wifi I have ever experienced. It would be better to not offer any.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about how incredibly terrible these places are. There are reasons why customers don’t like coming here. They get taken advantage of. Every single time. Call it an upsell if you prefer, but that isn’t what it is. It’s taking advantage of your customer because you have the upper hand. It’s cheap, unethical, and void of any morals. Just awful.

So if the way most mechanics try to cough upsell cough their customers is wrong, what could they do differently?


Provide the customer the service they need. Or the service they asked for. And then take your upsells and compile them into a list. Provide that list under the current charges with a valid reason why the customer might want to purchase them.

Provide them what they asked for, and what you suggest. Allow them to just buy what they want. Without hassle.

Present the additional services as problems being solved. There is not a customer in the world that cares about something, let alone paying for something, that isn’t a problem.

Here are your charges today Mr. Radcliff. I’ve taken the liberty to add some suggestions below. Ohio winters are really hard on vehicles and these services will help keep you running with piece of mind that a family member won’t be stranded somewhere with a broken vehicle.

You got me! You just told me that this will help make sure my wife doesn’t get stuck somewhere. That is super important to me. And I’m reaching for my wallet.

Stop preying on your customers.